Qy Health and Beauty Association

We all desire to find real and healthy techniques to enhance or improve how we look. QY health and beauty association has been in the beauty industry for a very long time. We are actually one of the biggest associations which represent the beauty industry. There are many organisations which offer various health & beauty services to enhance someone’s look.

We stand out from other beauty associations as we have experts who understand how the cosmetic business works. The cosmetic business is divided into four main parts:

  • Skincare
  • Color cosmetics
  • Fragrance
  • Health and beauty aids

These are just some of the services we offer. We efficiently offer various products and services for both domestic and commercial use. We can categorise our services into two different parts. Namely;

  • Distribution
  • Guidance



Apart from offering beauty tips, we sell beauty products that can be used in various salons. We always deal with genuine products from manufacturers or distributors.We also sell beauty products for home use.


We guide our clients through our various techniques and services which can make them not only look good but feel good. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are some reasons why Qy health and beauty association stands out from other cosmetic companies:


We have a team of experts who clearly understand the beauty products and various techniques. This helps clearly guide our various clients whenever they contact us for guidance on the products to purchase. We therefore recommend and sell the best products for a certain need.

Products and services

We are reliable when it comes to delivering our various services and products. Clients can, therefore, rely on us for emergency services.


We offer both health and beauty services at very affordable rates when compared to our fellow competitors. This is one reason why you should contact us for your various needs.


We are located in a clean and serene environment where clients can easily relax as we address their various issues.

Health services

It is very difficult to find a health issue site which tries to address various health issues. We mostly talk about various forms of therapy sessions to help address various health issues. Our various therapy sessions are aimed at:

  • Improving blood circulation in the body
  • Relieving headache
  • Improving the defence mechanism in the body
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Minimising some psychological conditions such as stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety among others.
  • Therapy enables body muscle relaxation
  • Reducing various muscle body tensions

Why should you hire Qy health and beauty association to handle your various health issues?

  • We are licensed. In short, we are qualified to provide our services to you.
  • We use the latest equipment.
  • We give you our full attention and time you require
  • We have a perfect track record. Most of our clients are satisfied with the kind of services we offer.
  • We personalise our services to perfectly suit you.

Contact us today and change your life.

Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

Thank you for visiting our massage clinic website at We many thanks for spending some time to look at what we must offer. In this posting, you are likely to find out about our services in addition to their advantages to you, and also why our massage clinic should be your choice!
We provide a number of services which can be customized to meet your position. Regardless of what you may be feeling pain, stiffness, or stress, we guarantee that our services will cause you to feel absolutely relaxed.
A few of the services our company at offers include

1. Massage therapy targeted at treating dysfunctional parts of your body.
2. Sports massage that targets soft tissues by using deep tissue massage techniques.
3. Pregnancy massage that is aimed at reducing pregnancy aches and pains in addition to aiding in the creation of the baby.
4. Energy therapy that reduces fatigue and boosts the capacity of the body to create energy.
5. Oncology massage that will be tailored specifically meet your oncological history.
6. Garshana – describes a dry massage for purposes of exfoliation. We usually accompany garshana with ahbyanga massage, that is a complete, warm oil massage technique.
7. Organic facial service that cleanses the skin thus refreshing it and leaving it using a youthful glow.
8. Acupuncture. This involves penetration of body tissue using needles for curative purposes.
9. Craniosacral therapy. This is the non-invasive technique of improving the functioning with the craniosacral system thus, dissipating the side effects of stress.
10. Esoteric healing. This can be therapy that targets the esoteric system which controls the human being energy field.

But why would you bother to pick massage therapy? Generally, massage is beneficial for the well-being in the body. Irrespective of your age, therapeutic massage can help you in

1. Improving the circulation of blood. 
2. Enhancing body muscle relaxation.
3. Helping the body’s defence mechanism.
4. Lowering blood pressure.
5. Promoting deeper breathing.
6. Speeding post-operation rehabilitation.
7. Relieving headache.
8. Reducing tension in your body muscles.
9. Minimizing psychological conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
Why would you choose our therapeutic massage clinic and never any other? Well, these are the reasons

1. Our therapists are trained and experienced in the area of massage.
2. We come in a clean, serene environment.
3. Our services are affordable. Although expensive, you can expect a competitive price for our services.
4. We’re licensed to provide massage.
5. Our services are personalized to suit your needs and condition.
6. We now have the most recent equipment and tools.
7. We spend some time you will need. Some time we allocate your massage will be allocated to massage therapy. Any discussions are done beforehand or later.
8. We have a record of various satisfied clients.
With the information you have about our massage therapy services at, where did they may benefit you, along with what sets us apart, you can e mail us to book a scheduled appointment or ask any question you’ve.